Fancy Frit: Fritography Basics to Advanced / Cast and Blast

September 10-14, 2010

Will be taught by Michael Dupille

5 Day Workshop pdf:

These workshops can be taken all together or on an individual class basis with dates and cost as follows:

  • Fritography Basics: Palette & Process – Photograph to Glass ONLY – September 10, 2010 – Class Info pdf:
  • Michael will start you off with the basics of the painterly use of crushed glass frits and powders will open up a whole new world of artistic imagery. Anything is possible when working with small particles of glass from tight, photo-realism to a loose impressionism.
  • Fritography: Advanced Techniques – Photograph to Glass Mural ONLY – September 11-12, 2010 – Class Info pdf:
  • Michael takes you to the next level by demonstrating his advanced painterly techniques using crushed glass frits and powders allowing you more control, detail, and depth within your work.
  • Cast and Blast ONLY – September 13-14, 2010 – Class Info pdf:
  • Michael will cover the basics of glass casting, using several methods and materials. Learn more about the use of frits, cut pieces, inclusions and casting billets. We’ll use fiber paper, Castalot composition molds and instruction on model preparation.  Castalot is a wonderful mold material that allows you to do multiple firings of the same piece, unlike regular silicon plaster molds.

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