Pate de Verre & Moldmaking Techniques

June 21 to June 25, 2011

Will be taught by Ellen Abbott & Marc Leva

Price: $975.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day.)

Class Info pdf:Pate_de_Verre_and_Moldmaking_Techniques

This course will guide you through the steps necessary to form a strong foundation of understanding of the elusive process of pate de verre.  The time-tested methods used to create pate de verre allow for complex details, delicately modeled surfaces, and precise color placement. The finished object displays a translucent glow unique to the technique.

In this six-day workshop Marc and Ellen will show you how to make both open face molds and press molds.   They will demonstrate and guide you through the model making processes of both clay and wax working techniques.   They will demonstrate the “ins and outs” of reproduction molds as well as face coats and hand built molds.  On the technical side, they will cover methods for estimating the amount of glass needed to properly fill a mold as well as their own techniques for using frits and powders to create the look you envision.  Coldworking techniques of the finished pieces will also be covered.

Students will make a tile using an open face mold and a small cup using a two-part press mold.


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