The Joys of Coldworking: Theory and Practice

March 15-19, 2011

Will be taught by Johnathon Schmuck

Price: $975.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day.)

Class Info pdf:The Joys of Coldworking

Johnathon is the author of a fantastic book on coldworking techniques called “The Joy of Coldworking”.

In this class we will start with the fundamentals and proceed to the more advanced methods of coldworking and finishing glass.  The process will start by working with pre-fused tiles and we will also be creating our own unique pieces in the kiln which will then be coldworked in various manners.  Our emphasis will be on gaining confidence, comfort, and competence on each of the machines — the lap wheel, the belt sander, the lathe, the sandblaster, the saw, and the hand engraver — as well as learning the variety of finishes and possibilities that an be achieved with these tools.

We will use our time to develop coldworking strategies and learn how to use the coldshop tools efficiently and to their utmost capacity. We will also look at methods to achieve one’s own desired results in the least amount of time with the smallest amount of effort.

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