The Skin of Objects

The Skin by Sylvia Levenson

June 2, 2011 to June 6, 2011

Will be taught by Sylvia Levenson

Price: $975.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day.)

Class Info pdf: The Skin of Objects – Sylvia Levenson

The idea of this workshop is to go deep into the concept of the skin as a limit and container, as external information about the “essence” of objects.  Every object has a skin, thick or thin, smooth or rough, porous or impermeable, the skin is the line between what’s hidden inside and what we experience on the outside.  By reproducing them in glass we will expand our creativity but also we will explore several techniques in order to develop our own “voice” in own pieces.  We will discuss about how and why we translate our ideas into glass.

During the workshop the students will experiment with different textures.  They will be invited to “play” and make experiments with the skin of objects, changing and manipulating the aspect of everyday objects. I will share with the students the process I use in my own working, where the feelings and the intuition of ideas are connected to glass itself.

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