Extreme Controlled Imagery & Landscapes – Miriam di Fiore Technique

January 23-27, 2012

Will be taught by Miriam di Fiore

Price: $1075.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day.)

Class Info pdf:Extreme Controlled Landscapes – Miriam di Fiore Technique

Beginning with an image chosen by the instructor, the student will learn a variety of methods necessary to accomplish different effects within a “complex landscape” and to further “translate” the landscape image into glass. The instructor will demonstrate the advanced processes used in creating her pieces. Bullseye sheet glass and frit will be used in a layering process to create the landscape.   Vitrigraph stringers will be made, worked with a torch and used in the piece. The student will follow the process step by step to get the entire image translated into a flat glass piece with depth and an extremely realistic effect.  If there is time for a second project, the student will have a choice of images, portraits, figures, flowers, or objects, from photos provided by the instructor. Both projects should be complete by the end of the class.


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