Assembled Imagery in Kilnformed Glass

September 21-24, 2012

Will be taught by Amanda Taylor

Price: $775.00 – Includes all materials and lunch each day.

By examining the work of painters and printmakers it’s possible to develop a greater understanding of how richly layered compositions can be created in glass assemblages. Creating imagery in fused glass is accomplished by developing a set of techniques which produces painterly effects on the surface or within the glass body.   Using different glass elements (glass powders, frits, stringers, enamels, and various unconventional tools) allows you to create shading, texture, and other design elements that become encapsulated within and on the surface of the piece. It is a celebration of the transparency, color and vibrancy that only glass as a medium can capture.

The glass plays with the light, changes the color of it and reflects it in many different ways within one single piece. The onlooker sees the glass object in a different way every time it is viewed. It is exciting and challenging to create a piece using this method. In this class we will focus mainly on landscape design.

We will be building a palette of techniques that allows a wide range of painterly effects through specific in-class exercises, and then apply it to small studies, and larger compositions.  The final project with be a thick layered landscape design.  Time permitting, you will also be given a chance to work on and fire your work more than once.

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