A Striking Image: From Perception to Understanding

Changes Colour Upon FiringMarch 18-22, 2013

Price: $1075.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day)

Workshop Details PDF File: A Striking Image: From Perception to Understanding

“The concept of body image is thought to be, in part, a product of personal experiences, personality and social forces. One’s sense of his or her  own physical appearance, usually in relation to others or in relation to some “ideal” can shape their body image. A person’s perception of their own appearance may not correspond to, or more importantly can be different from how others actually perceive us within their own understanding.” – Karl Harron.

This 5-day artistic and technically driven, hands-on master class provides an opportunity for an in-depth investigation into the possibilities of working with image transfers and incorporating them into a 2-step slumped vessel form with a twist….or should we say several twists. Students will all be making their own 2nd-step slump mold using a plaster/silica moldmaking process on the first day of class.  This will not be your typical “working with image transfer” workshop.

The materials which participants employ will include Bullseye granules, powder, stringers, rods, glass sheet (including striking opals and Reactive Ice), and silver foil. Students will work with image software, in order to compensate for the slumps, via vectoring. The second slump will then be manipulated in the kiln by the students. The placement of the individual components will be carefully planned to fully utilize the properties of the glass and the images. During this course participants will gain an insight into new ways of thinking and work to attain successful results – with the glass and the vectorizing of images. The reactions between different types of glass play an integral role here and the intention is for all participants to get a deeper insight into how one can control, and gain from, the physical and chemical properties of Bullseye glass in their work. Essential cold-working of the samples and final piece will be utilized throughout the 5 days of the class.

During the course, participants will become involved in several group projects to make use of the characteristics of the glass in different ways via sample tiles and will also make one individual vessel to take home. Participants will also be encouraged to consider light, surface, pattern and movement to create an extensive set of samples, evolving a personal language of mark making, to culminate in the realization of future work.

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