About Us


OATKA Glass  Studio is located 20 minutes south of Burnsville, North Carolina in the Cattail Creek Community.  Our new facilities are housed in a 1980’s built hewn log 2-story structure, 4000 feet elevation at the end of a dirt road.  It is an adventure getting here but the drive is worth your time and effort.

Oatka opened it’s doors in Batavia, NY November 2007 specializing in entry level to advanced kilnformed (fused) glass classes.  Since 2007, Oatka has been and is one of top teaching facilities in the USA and continues to expand in it’s unique workshop offerings.   We have recently have spent from 2016 to the summer of 2019 moving the studio to Burnsville, NC.   The studio has been open and operational in NC since July 2019.

In 2008 they opened up one of the first Bullseye Glass Resource Stores in the Western New York.  We are continuing to stock a full range of Bullseye Glass products in our new North Carolina location.  The studio operates and classes are taught on a year round basis.

Looking for a place to stay while taking a workshop at Oatka?  

There are a limited number of places to stay in Burnsville, North Carolina, which is a 20-30 minute drive from our studio.  Please also check for any Airbnb accommodations in the area.  There are several places to rent on a year round basis within our Cattail Creek Community.  We have travel and lodging information on our Travel & Lodging Page

At Oatka Glass Studio, we strive to create a learning facility where both Instructor and Student have unlimited opportunities to explore, develop, and create realize their visions without being hindered by lack of equipment or materials.  Our future plans are moving towards creating an “Art Retreat” which will allow artists from various mediums to come and explore outside of their mediums in a peaceful and rejuvenating setting.

The Oatka Glass Studio provides workshops and a fully equipped studio to allow for almost every kind of glass exploration: Kiln Casting, Pate de Verre, Fusing, Vitrigraph Murrine, Glass Mosaics, Strip & Overlay Construction, Glass Imagery, Metal Enameling, Large Vessel Forming (including Glass Vessel Sinks), Ceramics, and custom Architectural Projects.