All Classes Offered

We are now setup to teach workshops at our new location in Burnsville, NC as of July 2019. We hope you can join us in our fabulous new studio with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a back drop.

A list of all the classes that we offer any time of the year are below. We teach all types of kilnformed glass techniques, so if there is a specific or combination of techniques you would like to learn, that can be arranged to fit into your schedule. If there are no dates listed for a particular workshop, all you have to do is “Request” that the class be scheduled.  The class can then be scheduled when you would like to take it.

Please contact us at if you are interested in any of the classes and would like to join us in our new studio. 

 Intensive Beginners Kilnforming

Cost: $750.00 for 4 Day Workshop

Dates: February 7-10, 2020; March 13-16, 2020; April 3-6, 2020; June 5-8, 2020; July 10-13, 2020; August 7-10, 2020; September 11-14, 2020; October 2-5, 2020; December 4-7, 2020

 A Sense of Place: Working Thick & Deep 

Deep Forms: Not Just Another Vessel 

Mystic Drop Vessels

Luscious Pate de Verre

Honeycombed Forms and Paperweights

The Wonderful World of Glass Powders

Intensive Intermediate Kilnformed Glass

Line as a Design Element

Lunar & Underwater Forms:  Experiments with Metals & Oxides

Luminous Glass “Jellyfish” Sculptures

Firing Schedules Demystified

Think It, Make It, Sell It:  Design & Marketing Strategies for Your Glass Work

Delicate Pate de Verre Flora Wall Hangings

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