Lampworking Hot Glass

Lampworking Hot Glass Photo5Our classes are small – limited to 3 students.
Run every weekend.
$125 – One Day – 4 Hours
$250 – Two Day – 8 Hours

If you have ever wanted to work with Hot Glass and create your own magic! This is the Technique and the Beginning!!
There are a number of follow-up classes with more advanced instruction and projects available to every student once you have completed this introductory class.

The class fee includes all materials and use of tools.  Please fill out registration information below with your contact information at time of paying.

Lampworking Hot Glass Photo8Adventure into the world of HOT GLASS! What is Lampworking? There are a number of names associated with this very old glass making technique…Flameworking and Torchwork to name a few. Yes, that’s right…this is a gas torch, mounted to a bench. A mixture of propane and oxygen produces just the right flame and heat to be able to blow glass, manipulate glass, make glass beads, make sculptural pieces and so much more! Create one-off glass pieces, miniature artworks that others will marvel at.

There are two kinds of glass in popular use today. Borosilicate (a hard glass); and a variety of soft glasses. Boro is most often used for making small sculptural pieces, pendants, marbles and more. The soft glasses are more often associated with the making of glass beads. Teaching the basics of lamp-worked glass, the instructor will thoroughly explains all aspects of the process, no experience is necessary.

Our 1-Day class is 4 hours long. Just enough time. During this first session, you will learn about the different glasses. We’ll discuss safety, tools, terminology of glass and process. Then the fun begins…each student will have access to their own torch, and will melt and form glass using a variety of hand tools. And don’t forget the How-To’s: How to light a torch; How to heat up the glass; How to make a pendant; How to make a loop; How to punty up to a piece, pull stringer and on and on…. and what’s annealing? Do we use a kiln for that?

If you choose the Weekend Workshop – 8 hrs of instruction time – we will progresses, more elaborate techniques will be introduced such as shaping, using stringers, and decorative techniques, tips, tricks and troubleshooting. Class time is highly structured with a balance between demonstrations and students practicing techniques. Upon completion, students have the knowledge to continue to practice their glass skills in their own studios.

This class is aimed at beginners, students can attend with no jewelry or any other experience of any other kind, everyone is very welcome. Students need to have the steady use of both hands and have good eye sight for example the same type of eye sight required to be able to read a book. Students will need to wear closed shoes, tie long hair back, bring their glasses that they were to read, if required. Students need only bring a notebook and pens/pencils.