Mystic Vessels – Exploration in the Drop Out Vessel

July 3-7, 2020 – $1000.00 – Includes all materials

Taught by: Amanda Taylor

Pre-Requisite: At least 1 year working with fused glass.

In this 5 day innovative workshop, students will focus on how to design, create, and cold work a beautiful drop vessel form successfully.  Fused glass blanks are placed onto an elevated mold surface. The drop-out mold has a hole in the center, shapes can be varied, through which glass can “drop” through allowing the glass to be stretched considerably.  This movement and stretching of the glass is greatly influenced by: design, glass type used, kiln shape and size, placement in the kiln, and amount of heat work applied.

By initially working with the pre-fired blanks, students begin to understand the variables that can affect slumping with gravity to create the “drop-out” style of a vessel form.  This initial form will be the cold working “guinea pig” before we coldwork any of the students own creations. Discussions concerning all factors that play into and influence how the glass moves during the drop process will be covered before creating projects.  Working with color, design considerations for using engraving techniques will also be covered.

Students will make several small and medium forms and one large form which will be taken through the “drop” process using Oatka Glass’ custom fiberboard molds, and also one of their own designs. Sheet glass, frit, and vitrigraph cane will be incorporated into the blanks by the students.  During the cold working part of the workshop, students will refine and finish their pieces by learning how to remove the substantial lip of the vessel and cold work the edge.

The class will cover

  • understanding the need for mass in fusing firings
  • working with color
  • variables of the slump (heat, time, mass, glass color and opacity)
  • creating small, medium and large sized glass vessels
  • experimenting with form
  • coldworking (cutting, grinding, engraving, sandblasting)

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