Studio Rental – Open Studio

2013-02-02 13.34.11Our Open Kilnforming Studio is a unique opportunity and a big perk for those who live in the area, take OATKA School of Glass classes, or for glass artists that just need to use our large selection of kilns, cold working equipment, sandblaster, photo booth, and mold making room. Studio Rental Pricing

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The Sand Box

Photography & Printmaking Room












Bullseye Frit

We have an on-site retail/wholesale store for all your materials needs or bring your glass to the studio and enjoy access to tools and non-glass supplies.





Learn studio practices, get exposure to diverse methods and materials, and be inspired by fellow members of the glass community.




Linda Ethier

A staff member will be on hand to answer questions and serve as a guide.

Anyone who has taken a kilnforming class at O-AT-KA School of Glass or is an experienced glass artist may attend.