Intensive Intermediate Kilnformed Glass

4 to 7 Day Workshop: Includes all materials

Taught by: Amanda and/or Lance Taylor

Pre-Requisite: At least 1 year working with fused glass.

This is the class you have all been waiting for and is the follow up to our Intensive Beginners Glass Fusing Class. It’s your opportunity to hone your skills; explore new techniques – make the leap from Beginner to Intermediate through our highly successful skills based exploration of new techniques. 

Fusing Techniques covered include: Strip Construction Design Reimagined – By exploring both traditional and alternative variables of the strip construction method, we will be pushing the limits of this process pioneered by Klaus Moje, the father of contemporary kiln glass.  Pattern Bar will be created and incorporated into a project either as a windows or other design element.  Exploration of traditional Mosaic Techniques in glass; understanding and developing Sgraffito Technical skills (working with glass powders); and last but not least, working with a Vitrigraph to produce unique color rod (cane) and lines that can incorporated in various ways to create patterns and shapes within a number of different pieces.

On the first day, each student will create a variety of samples. Then, as a group, the class will examine the results of each of those samples after firing. These carefully analyzed results will inform the design of the projects that will be created on the second and third day.  Coldworking and finishing your pieces will be covered on the last day of class.