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Personalized Workshop List

Throughout the year, we offer personalized classes and one-on-one mentoring within our studio, off-site in schools, or in your personal studio.  Amanda & Lance Taylor bring years of experience and a huge knowledge base on a large variety of techniques in kiln formed glass.  Book a day of personalized tuition tailored to your requirements (price is the same for either one or two people attending).  Choose techniques specifically relevant to you and your needs. 

We specialize in creating customized workshops designed specifically for your needs and wants.  If there is a specific technique, or a group of techniques, that peaks your fancy and you would like a little one-on-one learning environment to focus on developing new skills… have come to the right place.   If you want to focus on a specific technique or process, further develop an existing skill, or discuss technical aspects and get constructive feedback on a process or project you are working through, we are here to help.    Personalized classes are the way to go and we can help accomplish your vision of where you want to take your glass work.

We offer this type of experience year round and we also work around your timetable.  If you would like to setup a multiple day personalized workshop for you or a group of your friends, please fill out the form below with your request and we will contact you ASAP.

Whether you are here for 1 day or 2 weeks… will go home with much more than what you came with and be motivated to go back to your studio exploding with new ideas.

Cost: $40.00 per hour or $250.00 per day for one person or $325.00 for two people (book together & taken on the same day(s)) – That is $162.50 per person.  Materials are included. 

NOTE: If the scope of your project goes beyond what is allotted for the class, or the glass you would like to use is one of the expensive colors, there may be an extra materials fee.

Duration: 10 am – 5 pm with lunch break

We offer discounted rates for multi-day personalized workshops for individuals or groups. Please contact Amanda Taylor at 585-300-7606 or email at


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