Cane Work & Venetian-Style Surface Treatment

July 29 to August 15, 2012

Price: $2650.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day.)

Class Info pdf: Cane Work Assemblage & Venetian-Style Cold Working

For the first and part of the second week of the workshop, students will be creating custom colored glass cane using china paints.  The cane will be fired and then cut and assembled into bands of color and patterns, similar to a mosaic technique, of various shapes and sizes. All work will be fused, cold worked, and slumped into an array of forms.  We will be experimenting with the use of various types of glass paint and enamels on different glass types in order to see what results can be achieved.During part of the second and third week Gabriele will work with each student individually in the cold shop.  Time will be spent embellishing the surfaces of the slumped forms by developing skills using different surface treatments.  Students will continue creating, fusing, and slumping and fire polishing work throughout the second and third week.  Typical Venetian-style treatments will include battuto, incise, and velato techniques.  Available cold-working equipment will include horizontal flat laps, wet belt sander, Spatzier lathe, and sandblaster.  Schedules for each student will be set so everyone gets to work on the equipment each day.  There will be no down time.

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