Drawing From Experience: A Particulate Language

August 26-30, 2011

Will be taught by Catharine Newell

Price: $975.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day.)

With a focus on a conceptual, intuitive, original approach to drawing, this course encourages the timid (but optimistic) among us to visually articulate the experience of mark making done from a uniquely adult perspective.  Charcoal, ink and pencil sketches naturally lead to glass exercises using powders, frit, stringers, stains, glassline and more.  Sketches and single layer studies will lead to black and white, as well as color, independent projects.

With this in mind, the focus of this conceptually driven course is toward developing and refining a skilled, intuitive and uniquely individual approach to mark making using sheet glass, powders and stains.  Participants will expand their kiln-forming skills while acquiring a greater understanding of material, composition, line, spatial perspective, layering strategies and use of color. Relevant experimentation with materials and strategies for invention will be encouraged and the creative process of moving from idea to concept sketches toward final resolution will be stressed.   A highly personal journey for each student, course emphasis will be placed upon conceptual development by examining influence and intention through independent research, ongoing discussion, critique and student presentations.

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