Intro to Kiln Casting

November 7-10, 2011

Will be taught by Justin McKenney

Cost: $800.00 – Includes all materials and lunch each day – Maximum 4 students/class.

Class Description pdf: Intro to Kiln Casting

This comprehensive casting workshop covers how to make your own molds to create kiln cast glass art.  An introduction to the art of making molds, topics covered are: materials and techniques used to cast glass in the kiln, what types of objects can be cast, billets, how to avoid an undercut, and the different processes involved. We will cover making a rubber mold, pouring wax, and wax manipulation, mixing plaster silica mould compound, using Castalot mold material, prepare for casting, color and types of glass used.  Coldworking techniques of the finished pieces will also be covered.


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