Drop-Out Vessels & Finishing Techniques

November 4-8, 2012

Will be taught by Amanda Simmons

Price: $1075.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day.)

Workshop Details pdf: Drop-Out Vessels & Finishing Techniques

Amanda Simmons is well known for her beautiful kilnformed and cameo-engraved glass vessels. This 5 day workshop will include and expand on techniques from our 3 day workshop.  The class will focus on the subtleties and variables of slumping kilnformed vessels and the many coldworking processes to finish the form.

We will work with pre-fired small blanks on the first day so that students will be able to start a slump on the first day to watch the process, test out the various kilns and to have a sample piece for the initial coldworking session.  Working with color in forming the vessels and designing pieces for using engraving techniques will also be covered.  After Amanda explains and demonstrates the different processes that she has worked with, students will then create a range of small to medium blanks and cameo engraving sample tiles.  Experimentation in form and color will be encouraged throughout the course.  You will finish this class with several vessels and coldworked sample tiles made using the techniques learned on the class.


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