Small is Beautiful: Miniature Lost Wax Casting & Thin Freeze N’ Fuse

Beach Hut2 June 8-12, 2013

Will be taught by: Rachel Elliott

Price: $975.00 USD (Includes all materials and lunch each day)


Workshop Details Downloadable PDF: Small Is Beautiful

rachel-elliott-conserving-ecologies695This class focuses on making small and detailed glass forms in the kiln, either as finished pieces or components for further work.  Students will work with silicone rubber to produce molds from their own objects which will then be used to create waxes for investing and/or directly with the glass.  All experience levels are welcome as this will be a technically driven and dynamic class from start to finish.

Beach Hut3We will be direct casting from existing objects, which can either be found or sculpted from most materials.  Mold-making will be covered for the initial silicone molds as well as refractory investment molds for the glass casting.  Students will also be creating thin glass castings made using the “Freeze N’ Fuse” method (adding water to glass powder, packing in molds, freezing, removing from molds, and then fusing in a kiln) to be used as components for further work. We will also cover firing schedules, cold working and other student led trouble shooting.


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