Luscious Pate de Verre & Frit Components

August 7-11, 2020 

$1000.00/person – 5 Day Workshop: Includes all materials

Taught by: Amanda Taylor

Pre-Requisite: At least 1 year working with fused glass.

Pate de verre is a widely varied art form.  Pate de Verre is a French term that directly translates to “paste of glass”. This is a technically specific process of glass making developed by the French in the late 19th century offering subtle color gradients and a variety of textures.

Fall Transition-300dpiPate de Verre is the process of creating a paste like consistency with glass frits and powders mixed with a binding agent. The paste is then carefully packed or layered into the interior walls of a plaster/silica mold. The glass is fired until fused in a kiln, resulting in a thin or thick, solid or hollow form depending on how the glass was applied. Finally, the plaster silica mold is divested or removed from the glass and the glass is cleaned and coldworked by hand to remove rough or sharp areas.


IMG_6250This painterly casting process consists of mixing crushed colored glasses with a liquid binder to form pastes that can be placed into a heat-resistant mold and fused in a kiln to create a solid glass object. The resulting glass form is characteristically translucent, often sugar-like and glows from within when lit. We will be working with open faced molds and discussing and working with exact color placement and sculptural possibilities that pate de verre offers.


Amanda Leaf BowlLearn the basics of pâte de verre from start to finish while making thin-walled, kiln-formed vessels, freeze and fuse techniques, creating delicate fine frit components,  and a tile in this hands-on workshop. Using glass frit and powder you will learn several different methods of exact color placement and utilize different firing temperatures in the kiln to attain different finishes to your work.  Class discussions will cover firing schedules and the use of temperature to attain specific goals.


IMG_5245Students will have access to a broad palette of colored frit and a range of samples to help visualize and understand fired qualities of this technique. By the end of this class you should feel confident in pouring a mold, packing it with glass, and firing it on your own. Pate de verre is a process which encourages patience but also lends it’s self to experimentation and unusual expression. Expect to work hard and have fun.

Please bring a camera/phone to document process and results, sketchbook and a pencil for notes and ideas, particulate respirator (N95), safety glasses.


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