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Bullseye-Online-EducationWe offer online glass courses in conjunction with our partner Bullseye Glass Co, including the free lessons below.

Free Courses

What is GlassWhat is Glass? – Learn about the basic properties of glass, the types of art glass and their uses, and how glass is made at Bullseye Glass Company.


What is Kiln-GlassWhat is Kiln-Glass? – Learn about the different objects you can create in a kiln and the varied techniques you can use.


How to Choose Glass for KilnformingChoosing Kilnforming Glass – Deciding which type of glass to use for your kilnforming projects.


Fusing Basics

Fusing Basics – Many kilnforming methods are based on fusing, the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass.


Glass Cutting BasicsGlass Cutting Basics – With the proper tools and techniques even beginners can produce clean, accurate glass shapes for kilnforming projects.


Cleaning GlassCleaning Glass – Substances like dusts, oils and fingerprints must be removed from glass before it’s fired or they may be visible in the finished work. In this lesson you will learn how to clean glass properly to avoid problems caused by surface contamination.


Shelf PreparationPreparing Kiln Shelves – Hot glass will adhere to kiln shelves if not prevented by a separator. In this lesson you will learn how to use Bullseye Shelf Primer, an affordable and highly effective separator.


DevitrificationDealing With Devitrification – A common phenomenon that many kilnformers encounter is devitrification. Devitrification, or devit, is the growth of crystalline structures on the surface of glass.


Annealing SchedulesRecommended Annealing Cycle for Bullseye Glass  – Save time and energy. Anneal thick slabs at 900 degrees.  As of June 2009, Bullseye has changed its chart for annealing thick slabs. Specifically, the recommended anneal soak temperature has been lowered from 960°F/516°C to 900°F/482°C.


Working with Powder on SheetWorking With Powders on Sheet Glass – Firing crushed glass powders on sheet glass allows one a direct method to create imagery, pattern and nuanced shifts in value and hue. In this lesson you will learn about the tools and techniques involved and will get a broad overview of the ways glass powder can be used in art and design.


Pattern Bar-Segment SlabPattern Bar: Segment Slabs – A segment slab is a multicolored glass block used in one approach to the pattern bar technique. The segment slab is composed of sheet glass strips that are tack-fused together, cut into parts, and fired within a containment system until the glass flows and forms an internal pattern.


Linear Reaction Plate

Linear Reaction Plate – Step-by-step project demonstrating basic plate-making and glass-cutting principles and how special colours and effects can be achieved.


Clifford RaineyClifford Rainey: In the Beginning Was Black  – Artist Clifford Rainey explores the concept, purpose, reason, and processes employed to formulate the works in his solo exhibition In the Beginning Was Black, displayed at Bullseye Gallery September 4 to November 2, 2013.  Rainey’s starting point for the new work is the human experience of loss. Combining this with the physicality of the color black sparked his investigation into the symbolism and the visual elements of this dark dense matter.

Artist Talk-Nathan SandbergArtist Talk: Nathan Sandberg – How does a young, self-supporting artist build a career in kiln-glass?


Crystal SchenkArtist Talk: Crystal Schenk – In this artist talk, Portland, Oregon–based artist Crystal Schenk discusses her current and past sculptures, and how she weaves memory, loss, and fragility throughout her artwork.  She also talks about her large-scale stained glass work, Shelter, which was exhibited at Bullseye Gallery from November 6 – December 28, 2013. This project continues a prior theme in her work, examining the increasing gulf between the lower and upper classes – applying the perceived visual materials of the upper class to a very impoverished way of life as a way of pointing out disparity.



Artists Drawing with Glass – Four glass artists show the techniques they employ to create beautiful drawings.


Art of Kiln-Glass

The Art of Kiln-glass – Explore a variety of finished pieces by contemporary artists working in kiln-glass.


Kiln-Glass in Architectural SettingsKiln-glass in Architectural Settings – Example of Kiln-glass used as architectural features such as lighting, furniture, staircases and public art.


Subscriber Lessons

Bullseye Glass offers an annual membership of just US$39 which enables you to enjoy immediate online access to the complete library of online lessons, and each year 12 more will be added for no additional charge. Lessons last about 10-15 minutes and can be viewed as often as you like, from any location using your personal online login details. Each lesson has three parts: a synopsis, the video, and a section for firing schedules and other helpful info.  Sign-up now with Bullseye Glass Online Education!!

The current library of online lessons includes:

This index is grouped by topic. Since these topics overlap, some videos appear in more than one group. We add new lessons to this page as they are released.

Foundational Skills

Fusing Basics FREE
Glass Cutting FREE
Glass Cleaning FREE
Preparing Kiln Shelves FREE
Slumping Basics
Dealing with Devitrification NEW
Bringing Home Your New Kiln NEW

Kiln Concepts & Operation

Firing: Basic Principles
Firing: Basic Applications
Kiln Types
Kiln Operation
Kiln Shelves and Furniture
Recommended Annealing Cycle for Bullseye Glass FREE

Kilnforming Concepts & Techniques

Fusing Basics FREE
Working with Powders on Sheet FREE
Pattern Bar: Segment Slab FREE 
Drawing with Glass 
Slumping Basics 
Heatwork and Frit 
Heatwork and Color: Sheet Glass 
Dilution Solution 
Kilnforming with Rod 
Vitrigraph Kiln: Basic Use 
Color Reactions and Special Effects 
Pattern Bar: Flow Slab 
Gum Image Transfer 
Powder Printing 
Screen Printing with Enamels, Part 1 
Screen Printing with Enamels, Part 2 
Screen Printing with Hand-Cut Stencils 
Using Foils with Kiln-Glass 
On-Edge Strip Construction 
Harnessing Flow in Kiln-Glass 
Making Part Sheets 
Designing with Part Sheets, Part 1 
Designing with Part Sheets, Part 2 
Kilnforming on a Sand Bed 
Box Casting 
Open-Faced Kilncasting 
Working Deep 
Working with Stringer 
Why Did It Break? 
Composite Colors
Working with Frit Balls

Coldworking Concepts & Techniques

Coldworking with the Wet Belt Sander
Tile Saw Basics
Coldworking with Loose Grit
Coldworking with Hand Laps

Printing on Kiln-Glass

Gum Image Transfer 
Powder Printing 
Screen Printing with Enamels, Part 1 
Screen Printing with Enamels, Part 2 
Screen Printing with Hand-Cut Stencils

Project-Based Lessons

Dilution Solution
Kilnformed Container
Linear Reaction Plate
Tint Tone Plate
Inline Plate Project