Independent Studio Rental

Our Open Kilnforming Studio Rental is a unique opportunity and a big perk for those who live in the area, take OATKA School of Glass classes, or for glass artists that just need to use our large selection of kilns, cold working equipment, or lampworking area.

Bring your glass to the studio or purchase at our store and enjoy access to our tools and non-glass supplies.

Learn studio practices, get exposure to diverse methods and materials, and be inspired by fellow members of the glass community. A staff member will be on hand to answer questions and serve as a guide.

Anyone who has taken a kilnforming class at O-AT-KA School of Glass or is an experienced glass artist may rent studio time.

Fusing Studio Rental Cost: The basic rate is $15/hour, and the required minimum prepay is 2 hours. You can

purchase a block of 10 hours of studio time for $120.00.  This includes the use of basic tools, glass adhesive, protective eyewear, and glass cleaner.  Additional charges for kiln firings, glass materials, and mold rental may apply (below) and must be paid at the time you pick up the work.  Please see the pricing schedule for kiln rental costs, and mold rental costs.

To reserve your spot, you must call O-AT-KA School of Glass and pay a $10 deposit, which will be applied to Open Studio fees accrued at the reserved session. The deposit is nonrefundable, unless you call to cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before the session starts. No exceptions.

  • You can bring your own glass and tools but we also sell glass and various tools and supplies at our store on the premises.  We stock a selection of Bullseye sheet glass, glass frit, rods and stringer which is available to purchase at a competitive price.  Glass, tools, and equipment are available through special order and can be drop shipped to your door.  We do offer special discounts for these types of orders, so please ask us for more information.
  • Customers must always reserve a spot in Open Studio in advance. Call 585 230 7626 or email us with a phone number so we can contact you to setup a time to come in.
  • An O-AT-KA School of Glass staff member must and will be present during Open Studio.
  • Kilns must be programmed by an O-AT-KA School of Glass staff member (or under a staff member’s supervision).
  • When designing your pieces, factor in our shelf dimensions (below) plus a 1/2” distance between your piece and the shelf edge, in all directions.
  • Choose slumping molds before designing your pieces. Molds may be fired together with others to fill a complete kiln (sizes below), if the firing schedules are similar. Note: Dimensions listed in catalogs for slumping molds are for the mold at its largest points and are not intended as glass-cutting measurements.
  • Since studio storage space is limited, you may not leave materials or tools in the studio for any extended period of time, and you must pick up your fired pieces in a timely fashion.
  • It is possible to arrange to bring in projects for firing outside of Open Studio. Please call or e-mail Lance or Amanda Taylor to make these arrangements.
  • OATKA School of Glass will not be held responsible for damage to items left on the premises or projects that fail due to customer negligence or error.


  • Studio Rental Time – $15.00/hr or 10 hours of studio time for $120.00 (includes basic tools, protective eyewear, glass adhesive, glass cleaner.
  • Use of Vitrigraph Kiln – $20.00/firing
  • Use of Olympic 146GFE Square Kiln – 13” kiln shelf, 6.5” depth – $20.00/day (2 available)
  • Use of Evenheat GTS 12-3 Round Kiln – 14” round kiln shelf, 9” depth – $20.00/day
  • Use of Paragon GL-24 Square Kiln – 22” kiln shelf, 15” depth – $25.00/day
  • Use of Paragon GL-22 Square Kiln – 19X20” kiln shelf, 13” depth – $25.00/day
  • Use of Evenheat GTS4521 Oval Kiln – 40” X 25” kiln shelf – 13” depth – $35.00/day (1 available)
  • Use of Evenheat GTS 23-13 Round Kiln – 19” Round kiln shelf – 13.5” depth – $30.00/day
  • Use of Shimpo ConeArt BX2827D Round Ceramic Kiln – 2 – 13.5” Half-Round kiln shelf, 28” depth – $35.00/day
  • Use of Olympic GF17E kiln – 26.5” x 52” kiln shelf, 15” depth – $150/day
  • Thin-Fire (glass and kiln shelf separator)
    • 5” X 20.5” sheet – $4.25 each (cheaper if you buy more than 1)
    • 41” wide – $6.00/linear foot (ie. 41” X 12”)
    • Ceramic fibre is also available in 1/16”, 1/8”, ¼”, ½” & 1” thicknesses.  Please ask about pricing.
  • Mold rental $5 per mold


  • Large Pressure Pot Sandblaster access is $60.00/hour with a 15 minute minimum.
  • Coldworking studio access $20.00/hour with 1/2 hour minimum. This includes full use of the following equipment:
  • Floor model Somaca wet belt sander
  • 24” ASW horizontal diamond lap grinder
  • Spatzier glass lathe (only available to customers that have coldworking with a lathe experience or have taken our coldworking workshop).
  • Wet Tile saw
  • Diamond hand finishing pads (We do recommend you get your own set of these which we sell on the premises.)
  • Foredom Flex Shaft Drill.