Bullseye Glass Products

store_bullsOatka Glass Studio is a Bullseye Glass Preferred Kiln Glass Resource Center and have been using and selling Bullseye Glass products since 2008.

Student Discount

  • For 1 month after class: 20% off Bullseye Glass

Student Discount is for students who take Comprehensive, personalized or multi-day classes.  Make-It-Now classes not included. Be sure to mention your discount at time of purchase.

Volume Discount

  • Spend $200-$399, get 10% off
  • Spend $400-$599, get 20% off
  • Spend $600-$899, get 30% off
  • Spend over $900, get 40% off

: billets, molds, rods, confetti, sheet glass, shelf primer, frit & powder, glass packs, glastac, stringer, thinfire

NO DISCOUNT ON: tools & equipment, kilns, classes & events, fiber paper, books & magazines, cullet, sample sets, dichro, volume rods

Why don’t we match Bullseye’s 50% discount on glass orders of $1200 or more?

If you do the math, our 40% discount is actually a better price. Here’s how: If you buy $1200 worth of glass from Bullseye through their website, you will get a 50% discount, resulting in a cost for the glass of $600.  But you will also have to pay for shipping boxes (for half sheets, that’s around 3 boxes at $18 each, or $54 total – full sheet boxes are $60 each) and for shipping (around another $35 a box, or more, or $105 total).  That’s a total price of $759.00 (plus applicable state tax – unless you have a resale tax ID).

Buying $1200 worth of glass from Oatka Glass will cost you just $720 (plus tax).  So a 40% discount at Oatka costs you less than a 50% discount at Bullseye Glass. Plus, you get to pick out all of your glass in person. Get the right colors and styles at the right price!

Our hours are Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm – but please phone ahead if you are planning on making a trip to Oatka School of Glass just in case we are not in the studio at that time.  There is only the 2 of us running the studio….and sometimes we have to step out for some reason!