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Retail Hours: Monday thru Saturday, 10am – 5pm each day.  We do stay open longer and will come in on Sundays by request.  If you and your group would like to come in on days or evenings that we are typically not open….just email or phone us with your request.  We are more than happy to accomodate.

What’s new for you at Bullseye this year? A whopping assortment of new glass styles 15 sheets, 6 rods and 4 billets as well as 4 new slumping molds. We’re excited about each and every one of these products and we think you will be, too.

Please contact OATKA Glass Studio to order any of your Bullseye Glass needs. CONTACT US

New Opalescent Sheets

Reactive Cloud 000009
Opalescent white. Has potential to react under kiln heat with some copper-bearing glasses and silver leaf and foil. Fired solo, its whiteness is slightly bluer and more translucent than White (000113).

Opaline Striker 000403
Even more ethereal than Translucent White (000243). Paradoxically, transmitted light is both softened and made more fiery when viewed through Opaline. Layer with itself or with colors.

Periwinkle 000118
True to its name, a medium blue-violet that abounds in nature.

Plum Striker 000332
Cool and light lavender-blue in the cold sheet. With heatwork, ripens to a rich, warm red violet.

New Transparent Sheets

Reactive Ice Clear 001009
Colorless clear. Has the potential to react with some copper-bearing glasses and silver leaf and foil.

Brown Topaz Tint 001819
Barely beige in the transparent sheet. Deepens to a pale tan in thicker sections. Recommended for casting, where areas more than two inches thick reveal a rich, warm brown.

Light Rhubarb Shift Tint 001858
A version of Rhubarb (001859), but with much less color saturation. Appears pale green in single-sheet thickness. Recommended for casting.

Olivine Tint 001877
Pale earthy green. Deepens to soft shades of olive in thicker sections. Recommended for casting.

Lavender Green Shift Tint 001844
In applications less than 6 mm thick, appears pale lavender. Viewed in thicker sections, the color shifts to blue-green. Recommended for casting.

Aventurine Blue 001140
Very dense midnight blue with tiny sparkles.

New Streaky Sheets

Yellow, Red Striker 002125
With heatwork, displays dramatic red and yellow flames. The cold sheet, a mild-mannered yellow with orange wisps, is not recommended for stained glass.

Aqua Blue Tint, White 002218
Atmospheric aqua with ethereal white streaks evoking light sky. Combine with 003116 to create air with some depth.

Clear, Turquoise Blue, White 003116
Intense turquoise softened by clear and white suggests bright sky. Layer with 002218 for an airy look that extends far beyond the surface.

Light Turquoise Blue, True Blue 002416
We’ve made this mix of warm and cool blues for several years by special order. Its popular with users looking for a watery glass. Combine with more color saturated 002116 for a feeling of deeper sea.

Turquoise Blue, Deep Royal Blue 002116
Conjures up visions of deep or active water from rivers and lakes to oceans. To create even greater depth, ply with 002416.

New Rods

Opaque styles that reflect light and give surface details extra contrast. All maintain color and opacity even in small amounts. Density is apparent on black core beads. May be purchased individually or by the pound or half pound.

Please click HERE [pdf] for more information on all new rods.

Cobalt Blue Opaque 000014-0576
Medium cool blue with greater opacity than standard opalescent Cobalt Blue (000114).

Turquoise Opaque 000016-0576
Lighter in color and more dense than Turquoise Blue (000116).

Periwinkle Opaque 000018-0576
A dense, natural pastel blue-violet.

Bluestone Opaque 000046-0576
Teal blue, a shade lighter than standard Steel Blue (000146) and with greater opacity.

Mineral Green Opaque 000017-0576
Muted medium green, denser than but similar in color to Mineral Green (000117).

Sterling Blue Opaque 000064-0576
A dense, warm medium blue. May develop a silvery sheen where left exposed to the surface during heatwork.

New Billets

Subtle new tints in a range of muted, natural hues. Easy to ship and easy to use. Excellent for casters. Each billet is approximately 5 x 10 x 0.75 (127 x 254 x 19 mm) and weighs about 3.5 lb (1.6 kg).

Please click HERE [pdf] for more information on all new billets.

Lavender Green Shift Tint 001844-0065
Depending upon thickness and/or lighting, color can shift from pale lavender to light or medium blue-green.

Light Rhubarb Shift Tint 001858-0065
A version of Rhubarb (001859), but with much less color saturation. Depending upon lighting and/or thickness, can shift from cool pale green to a muted rhubarb blush.

Brown Topaz Tint 001819-0065
A pale tan in thin sections. Richens to light oak, then a lush warm brown as thickness increases.

Olivine Tint 001877-0065
Pale earthy green. With greater thickness, deepens to soft warm shades of olive.

New Molds

Slumping forms designed by Bullseye staffers to meet popular demand. Three are variants of bestselling favorites and the other is pure innovation. Crafted by Creative Ceramics in Europe. Dimensions shown are the largest dimensions of the molds.

Please click HERE [pdf] for more information on all new molds.

Mini Lamp Bender 8964
6.25 x 5 x 2.25 in (159 x 127 x 57 mm)

Snack Tray 8961
9.5 x 6.5 in (241 x 165 mm); rim, 1.187 in (30 mm)

Small Double Curve 8960
9.75 x 8.25 x 1.75 in (248 x 210 x 40.5 mm)

Soft-Edged Platter Long 8962
14.25 x 9.75 in (362 x 210 mm); inside, 10.25 x 5.5 in (260 x 140 mm)