We decided to change things up a little bit for 2014. We are offering to teach classes on a more personalized basis. This means you can contact us with your specific technique learning request and we will create a workshop whenever it fits into yours and our schedule. We are excited about this new offering and have already been approached by several people who are interested in this form of learning. No more 8-10 people in a class….we limit it to 2. If you have a group of friends that want come to our outstanding studio…..please feel free to contact us.

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Education is primary to the mission at Oatka School of Glass.  Because different people learn in different ways, Oatka School of Glass offers all types of classes for every type of student. Whether you’re looking for a short, two-hour introduction to glass (Make-It-Now) or a more in-depth look at kilnforming, casting, or lampworking processes (Comprehensives), Oatka School of Glass offers ample opportunities.